A lower-cost alternative to Sprint & Verizon data plans

A lot of RVers are using cellular data cards and adaptors along with data plans to get internet access while on the road. Why not? It works well and internet service is available almost everywhere.

But many RVers can’t justify $60 a month carriers like Sprint and Verizon charge.

Now there’s a new service that offers nearly the same service for half the cost. Which means it might be easier to justify taking your internet connection with you.

Autonet Mobile is a Wireless Internet Service Provider offering internet connectivity within a car or RV. Their Autonet Mobile Router provides a WiFi hotspot allowing multiple passengers to connect their own WiFi gadgets to the internet at the same time. The service runs over both 3G and 2.5G (EVDO, IxRTT) cellular Data networks giving you the most coverage nationwide.

Hardware and Service for one fee.
Create an account with the company at $29.99 a month. Have the Autonet Mobile router installed in your RV and you’re good to go.

A one-year contract is required so it’s may not be justifiable for someone who only needs it for an occasional weekend trip in the RV. Then again, it’s small enough to port to your car and use around town. It could also serve as a secondary internet connection at home.

But before you consider using it as a primary connection consider the 1G per month usage allowance. (Sprint & Verizon both have a 5 gig limit)

One gig may be enough for the casual internet user who goes online once or twice a day to send and receive a handful of emails and browse a few websites. But, don’t plan on streaming much video or downloading many large files like podcasts or software updates.

Bottom line: If you want internet on the road and can live with the low usage allowance AutoNet Mobile is worth a look.
AutoNet Mobile

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