AOL hanging up on dial-up customers?

AOL recently informed customers that beginning next month, AOL will charge dial-up subscribers $25.90 per month. The price won’t be that much of a shock, since it’s $2 more than those dial-up customers are paying now. More important, it’s equal to what high-speed DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable subscribers pay to get AOL services such as e-mail and customer support along with high-speed Internet access.

The price jump shows just how important it is to the Internet giant to get more of its customers onto broadband. It has led to an obvious question for longtime AOL customers: Who wouldn’t move to broadband when it costs the same price?

AOL makes no bones about the fact that it is trying to encourage people to upgrade to faster service so they can better view the bandwidth-intensive content on the AOL site. “The hope is that we’ll be encouraging users to upgrade to broadband because a majority of them will be able to get high-speed connections,” said AOL spokeswoman Anne Bentley. Full Story…

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