How to Choose an Internet Service Provider

An ISP – Internet Service Provider – is a company that provides a gateway to the Internet for individuals and companies. In its simplest form, connecting to the Internet requires a telephone line to dial up an ISP using a computer and modem. The ISP then provides the route onto the Internet.

Choosing an Internet Service Provider requires a simple first step. Ask yourself: “What do I want to use the Internet for?” If you can answer this, you can then start to work out your requirements.

Answers to the question “What do I want to use the Internet for?” can include:

* How much will I use the Internet each month?
* What time of day will I use it?
* Do I need web space?
* Is customer support important to me?
* How many e-mail addresses will I need?
* Can the ISP support online payments?
* How much does it cost?

Another question to ask is “How long has the ISP been in business?”
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