HughesNet Will Decommission Horizon 2 Satellite

HughesNet is decommissioning the Horizon 2 satellite at the end of October. If you are a tripod Internet user and are assigned to Horizon 2, you will need to contact a dealer to have your satellite reassigned.

If you are a HughesNet satellite internet user and will potentially be affected by this change, take a moment to visit the Escapees Club website  “What’s Hot” page and review the “how to” article submitted by Larry (Laurence) Holbrook, SKP # 91027. The article can be found at

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    One Response to “HughesNet Will Decommission Horizon 2 Satellite”

    1. william L says:

      I would NOT reccomend Hughesnet to any one !!! I tried it at home with a 30 day offer if I did not like it I would get back my money except 1 months service and insallation costs witch amounted to 180.00 they took 750.00 from my bank account for service it NEVER worked right clouds killed it download never was abover 560 upload was as bad as dial up the dealer worked on it several times but it just was no good I canceled they sent pre paid boxes for the equipment I sent it back they NEVER refunded my 500.00 back to my account even after 4 long discussions with them and when I advised I was recording them they hung up on me A BIG run around !! Im glad I did not buy the dish for my RV before I tried it out !!! I filed a complaint with the Indiana state attourneys office they told me at that time they had over 20 complaints about them to this day ive NEVER got a cent back from them there service is no good and they are crooks !!! dont use them !!!

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