Life After AOL

Getting the once-dominant America Online ISP off your back isn´t easy

Hi, my name is Alan and I used to be an AOLcoholic.

For years, I wanted to quit using AOL — the Internet service provider America Online — but I just couldn´t do it. Every time I thought of life without it, I found myself racing back to my AOLcohol stash and taking several hits, despite the fact that it was ruining my health and digging its claws into my life with even greater ferocity.

That´s right. I was hooked and I´d use any excuse to justify it. Everyone else seemed hooked on, or at least hooked up to, AOL too.

Statistics have my back on this. AOL had a half million users in 1993, but by 1999 that number had grown to 20 million. AOL, in short, ruled the waves.

But then, since about 2000 — around the time AOL negotiated a $112 billion merger with the entertainment ¨brand¨ Time Warner — all those other AOLcoholics I knew started drifting off to other ISPs. I became the only AOLcoholic in my family, on my block, among my circle of friends. Full Story…

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