New High-Powered, Long Range WiFi Access Point/Client Bridge

Costa Mesa, CA January 27, 2009 — Wireless technology Innovator, EnGenius, just introduced their most powerful Wireless Access Point/Client Bridge. The ECB3500 is a high-powered 802.11 Super G long range WiFi device that was designed to offer consistently robust communication over wide areas and long distances, while also being highly adaptable and easy to use.

The ECB3500 provides strong, uninterrupted coverage up to 108 Mbps over a wide area using high 600mW of wireless output power. It operates at the 2.4 GHz frequencies in both the 802.11 b/g (11/ 54 Mbps) or Super G (108 Mbps) wireless standards. And, with the use of QoS (Quality of Service) technology, the ECB3500 optimizes all data transmissions; thereby, maximizing its ability to handle heavy loads of traffic. This includes all forms of wireless video streaming, VoIP (Voice-over IP), and other multimedia business applications.

“We’ve engineered the ECB3500 to ensure superior long range WiFi coverage to all the leading brands in its class,” added Chien.

The key features of the new, powerful ECB3500 are:

  • High 600mW Wireless Power – guarantees a robust signal over long-distances
  • Super G 108 Mbps Support – enables high-transfer speeds for large data transmissions
  • Dual High-Gain Detachable Antennas – optimizes wireless traffic with Antenna Diversity Technology and transmits higher power up to 2000 mW EIRP using a 5dbi antenna
  • Multiple Wireless Names – permits different access levels within one device
  • Multi-Functional Device (7 operation modes) – performs multiple uses for different network topologies
  • Intelligent Quality of Service (QoS) Technology – orders bandwidth priority for high-demand transmissions
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (802.3af) – allows power and data to come over one cable for ease of installation

The device is adaptable to most network environments. For example, in AP mode, the ECB3500 can broadcast multiple WiFi networks (SSID); allowing for numerous security levels within one device. In fact, ECB3500 can serve different functions:

  1. Wireless Access Point – network connectivity for multiple wireless clients
  2. Client Bridge – wireless network connectivity for a single wired client
  3. Universal WiFi Repeater – wireless range extender that reaches dead-spots
  4. WiFi Router – wired internet or network connectivity for multiple wireless clients
  5. Client WiFi Router – wireless network connectivity for multiple wired clients
  6. WDS (Wireless Distribution System) – wireless connectivity to expand an established network

In addition, EnGenius solved one of the biggest problems when installing a new wireless networking product: proximity to outlets. The ECB3500 supports 802.3af PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) which allows power and data to be accessed over a single cable. This feature helps to speed up deployment time and reduces network down time.

The EnGenius ECB3500 Super G, Long Range WiFi 802.11g Wireless Access Point/Client Bridge is a high-powered, efficient wireless product that can adapt to any network topology or business environment. It is available at select value added distributors, direct marketers, e-commerce sites and value-added resellers at a retail price of $119.00.

For addition information about the ECB3500 or other EnGenius products, please visit
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