PHARMING – yet another tool used by identity thieves


“Pharming” and “phishing” are a pair of favorite Internet devices used by criminals to cheat consumers out of their valuable personal information. Pharming is an attack in which a computer user is fooled into entering sensitive data – such as a password or credit card number – into a malicious Web site that impersonates a legitimate commercial site. Phishing attacks begin with e-mail messages designed to induce consumers to click on bogus Web site links that are contained in the message. Financial service institutions are the most popular target for both scams.

Pharming is sneakier than phishing in that the crook does not have to rely on the victim clicking a link in an e-mail. In a pharming attack, the user correctly enters a word address /domain name into a browser’s address bar, but instead of visiting a legitimate Web site, the user is redirected by the crook to a Web page that merely looks like it might be legitimate. In reality, the unsuspecting victim has landed at a malicious Web site whose only goal is to steal consumers’ personal information. So, when the users enter their login names and passwords, the information is captured by criminals and used to commit identity theft and related frauds. Full Story…

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