Protect Yourself from WiFi Hotspot Attacks

Say, for example, you’re in your favorite coffee shop and turn on your mobile device and see there’s a Wi-Fi net present—say, something like “Acme-wireless.” You see it’s not using WEP, so you blindly and courageously take the leap of faith and connect to it.

Once on the wireless, you bring up your browser and try to connect to a Web site. Looks fine, so you login to that web site, perhaps providing your login credentials (or a browser-stored cookie containing your login credentials). Away you go—and away your login credentials go. You’ve just fallen for the oldest trick in the book, the dreaded “man in the middle attack,” and your attacker now has your credentials/cookie.

How could that have happened, you ask? Well, when you signed onto “Acme-wireless,” you trusted that it was indeed “Acme-wireless” and that it is operated by an honest business. The only proof you had that it was indeed “Acme-wireless” was that it said so.

You’ve been duped.
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