Travelers Seek Mobile Connectivity to Stay in Touch on the Road

“Economic strain is forcing consumers to change their vacation patterns, which has them spending more time on the road and in and out of cellular signal range,” said Joe Banos, COO of Wilson Electronics. “Travelers want to stay within reach while having the most cost-effective and worry-free vacation possible. No matter where they are, or what service provider they use, Wilson Electronics delivers improved cellular signal performance in cars, RVs and boats, enabling vacationers to stay within reach.”

Wilson Electronics’ SignalBoost Mini-Mobile Amplifier kit keeps summer travelers connected by delivering unsurpassed cellular performance, significantly reducing dropped calls and enabling data card and mobile phone use in areas that typically have weak or unusable signals. The easy to use, plug-and-play kits expand coverage by up to 50 miles and provide up to six times the power and higher receiver sensitivity than a typical mobile phone alone.

“With Wilson Electronics, consumers can depend on cell phones and data cards to find online travel bargains, or stay within reach of friends, family or emergency help,” continued Banos. “The result helps ensure a successful trip this summer vacation season.”

Here are some additional ways travelers can take advantage of optimized signal performance for an affordable and enjoyable summer trip:

Online accessibility:

Do your research on the road. According to AOL Travel and Zogby International, 51 percent of all Americans will use the Internet to book most of their summer vacation travel plans this year. Advanced planning can take place while en route.
Online access to maps outlining the shortest route to a destination saves on gas and the stress of being lost.
Learn about the destination before you arrive. Access to regional sites, hiking and biking trails, beach ratings, affordable restaurants and ratings, and access up-to-the-minute travel bargains and “Web deals” can be accessed quickly with a strong signal connection.

Safety first: On the beach, in the mountains and everywhere in between

At a beach, in the country, or in the mountains, these are all areas that typically have poor signal performance. When an emergency situation takes place, the ability to make a phone call and access emergency personnel on your cell phone is crucial. An amplified signal can be a life-saving measure.
Real-time communication: Passing time in the car sharing vacation fun

Even on short road trips, finding things to do on the road can be a challenge. Staying connected with friends and family is a convenient way to pass the time. Strong signal strength and avoiding dropped calls make these conversations easy.
The mobile office: When leaving work behind is not an option

Sacrificing a little downtime to stay connected while traveling will make coming back to the office less stressful. Checking in a few times during a vacation can help avoid being overwhelmed when returning to the office.

Sometimes the big deal cannot wait. Staying connected on vacation in the middle of a business deal is extremely important. The effects of a dropped call or missed email can be extensive and expensive.

The SignalBoost Mini-Mobile Amplifier kit is fully compatible with all hands-free devices such as BluetoothTM headsets or ear buds and is available at authorized Wilson Electronics dealers, including Radio Shack franchise stores. Visit the dealer locator page at for a list of stores by ZIP code or to buy the product immediately from an online retail partner.
Willson 3Watt Cellular Amplifier Kit

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