WiFiRV Increases Budget in Wireless Services

Westport, Conn. January 12, 2009 — WiFiRV, a provider of WiFi high-speed wireless Internet services for the outdoor recreational hospitality industry, recently reported continued growth for 2008 and a new budget of $1,500,000 to invest wireless services for the RV industry in 2009.

Consistent high-speed WiFi Internet access is what all property managers want. RV parks, campgrounds, and resorts were geographically located so travelers could “get away from it all” but now they want to be away from it all and take it all with them too.

That’s where WiFiRV comes in. WiFiRV has consistently shown it is the best solution for RV owners to get high-speed Internet, and that has been even more evident as WiFiRV sales continue to rise even in a down economy.

“2008 was a banner season for WiFiRV,” said John Borg II, CEO and founder of WiFiRV. “Now more than ever, RV and campground owners need to stay connected to the world. Our goal is to provide the best, fastest, most reliable Internet service to as many of them as possible.” With parks becoming more competitive to attract patron travelers during the economic downturn Borg opened the budget for 2009 to meet their goal of bringing no more than 250 new properties online this year.

WiFi is considered the most economical way to get Internet access to campers. That said, Borg warns property managers and owners that WiFi is not without challenges. 24×7 support is needed for this demographic, outdoor wireless engineering is difficult in RV resort terrain, and having a team of engineers nationwide is nearly required to ensure reliability for travelers needing online.

WiFiRV is doing its best to provide reliable WiFi high-speed Internet access. Do you know of an RV Park that needs wireless internet? Tell WiFiRV and they will do their best to provide help.

Since founding WiFiRV, Borg has seen the benefits of WiFi amenities in countless RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds – many of which did not have reliable Internet access previously. Properties consistently report increased occupancies and loyalty, Borg said. To date, WiFiRV has invested $2,500,000 in capital, labor services, and equipment. RV parks depend on WiFiRV to bring value-added services to their businesses every day and so 2009 will be another year they continue to support the maturation of the market.

“In 2002 we started WiFiRV when we recognized a need to help travelers stay connected on the road,” stated John Borg II, CEO and Founder of WiFiRV. “We created simple do-it-yourself WiFi systems, complex managed bandwidth amenities, and everything in between to give real estate owners and property managers a choice.”

About WiFiRV:
WiFiRV is a premier service provider for wireless high-speed Internet access. Our Wi-Fi “Hot Spots” are located in RV parks, campgrounds, and resorts across the country, allowing travelers visiting the parks to access the Internet via their laptops. Headquartered in Westport, CT, WiFiRV offers turnkey Wi-Fi packages for RV and campground real estate owners that include award winning network design, personalized websites, email services, installation, remote management, and guest support services. WiFiRV reports hundreds of properties in the RV park and campground industry are using their high-speed wireless network across the U.S.

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